SMPTE/EBU Time Code Products For GPS Video Position Logging

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Real-Time GPS Titler/Captioner Logging Software for Position Products
Custom GPS SystemsCaptioning During Post-Processing
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HORITA's GPS1, GPS2, and GPS3 time code products provide exact time and position in SMPTE Longitudinal Time Code format for recording on videotape. The code is synchronized to standard time through an interface to a GPS receiver. Time synchronization provides direct correlation of GPS position data with the video recording.

GPS1 is used when only time synchronization is required during video acquisition. Because each logged position has a GPS time-tag, the GPS position data can later be matched to the associated videotape images by the GPS1-synchronized time code. Improved position accuracy can be obtained by applying differential correction when post-processing the raw GPS data logged in the GPS receiver or computer.

GPS2 and GPS3 products add the real-time position data to the "user bits" of the SMPTE time code once per second. The position data is subject to the accuracy limitation as imposed by GPS selective availability, unless real-time differential correction is provided in the GPS receiver. ALL GPS UNITS ARE AVAILABLE IN PAL/EBU.


GPS1    $968    Picture   
SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader

  • Provides SMPTE time code synchronized to GPS time
    -UTC operation sets time code to world standard time
    -GPS time operation for exact match to GPS position logs

  • Time code user bits are set to the GPS date (YY MM DD)

GPS2    $1,367    Picture   
SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader

  • Provides SMPTE time code synchronized to GPS time
    -UTC operation sets time code to world standard time
    -GPS time operation for exact match to GPS position logs

  • Time code user bits record GPS data once per second
    -Latitude/longitude/altitude position
    -Other data depending on receiver serial format

GPS3    $1,667    Picture   
SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader

  • All the features of the GPS2

  • Automatic selection between NMEA or TSIP serial formats
    -National Marine Electronics Association $GPGGA
    -Trimble Standard Interface Protocol (9600 baud, 2-way)

  • Automatic baud rate select for higher than standard NMEA rate
    -4800, 9600, 19.2K, and 38.4K baud rates

  • Second serial port for AUX data input into the user bits
    -Serial pitch and roll angle data, compass heading, radar altitude, etc
    -Sampled once per second and recorded in the time code
    -Other data formats available on special order

  • Custom GPS Systems                                               

Using VITC Time Code with GPS1, GPS2, & GPS3

SMPTE Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) as provided by the GPS1, GPS2, and GPS3 is recorded on an audio or time code track along the tape and requires forward motion of the tape for reading. SMPTE Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) is recorded in a non-visible part of the video image and becomes an integral part of the video signal. Video frames tagged with VITC can be read back in still-frame and retain their time-identity even when removed from the video sequence by frame grabbing and image storage.

The HORITA VG-50 LTC-VITC translator and the VLT-50 VITC-LTC translator convert between the two time code formats. The GPS position data is retained in the user bits through the conversion process for eventual recovery and computer input.

Computer Input and Logging Software For GPS1, GPS2, & GPS3

The GPS1, GPS2, and GPS3 products generate and read SMPTE time code and provide a video window display of time or user-bit data. All have an RS-232 serial output for time code and user-bit data input to a computer serial port.

The HORITA Time Code TOOLKIT™ tape logging software is included in the purchase price of a GPS1, GPS2 or GPS3 Time Code Generator/Reader. The serial RS-232 time code and user-bit data output can be received through a serial port on an IBM compatible PC operating under DOS and running a HORITA program.

PC-LOG is provided in the TOOLKIT™. This program captures the time code time at the moment a key is pressed. Following the time/position capture, additional comments can be typed through the keyboard. When the Enter key is pressed, the program returns to tracking time code until the next key entry. The log is recorded as an ASCII file which can easily be displayed, edited, or printed.

The TOOLKIT™ also contains several other programs, including a pop-up time code calculator program, TC-WINCALC™, which simplifies calculation of time durations between SMPTE drop frame time code addresses. TC-WINCALC™ also exports time code, user bits and other calculator values directly into and out of word processor documents, database or spreadsheet fields, etc.

Additional programs included with the GPS2 or GPS3 are

-  RSMON.EXE - displays all user bit data for check
-  GPS2F-B1.EXE - makes ASCII file of time and position
-  GPSVIDB1.EXE - translates time and position for SCT-50
-  MTG-TIME.EXE - sets PC bios clock to GPS time continually
-  GPSTIME.EXE - one time synchronization of PC bios clock to GPS time

Products For Titling/Captioning GPS Video Images

Captioning GPS Video in Real time

GPT-50    $389    Picture   
Real-time GPS Video Titler/Captioner

The GPT-50 GPS Video Titler adds real-time GPS data to video for recording or viewing. The video output from the GPT-50 is the same as the video input plus a caption of GPS position and other data, depending on input code format. The GPT-50 works with NTSC or PAL video and RS-232 or RS-422 serial inputs, in several selectable formats. You can select from a total of 12 GPS input code formats.

Provides selection of the following serial formats:

  • NMEA 0183 sentence $GPGGA (industry standard) or $GPGLL or $GPRMC

  • Trimble ASCII formats
    -TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol)
    -Pathfinder Basic+
    -TNL 2100/3100 formats RO, R1, KO, K1, XO, X1

  • * Navstar ASCII Formats
    -UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)

  • Trimble TSIP Binary Format (Trimble Standard Interface Protocol, formerly TANS)
    -two-way serial communication
    -uses single-precision latitude/longitude

  • Front panel switches for manual setup of format, display options, and entry of titles to provide other captions in addition to the GPS data. Setup information is retained in non-volatile memory and restored at power-on.

  • 14 line and 7 line (half-size) display sizes

  • Top/Bottom split screen data placement control

  • Two setup screens maintain two independent GPT setups

  • Both ASCII and HEX display formats for diagnostics

  • Independent real-time clock/calendar display for stand-alone time and date stamping

  • Dual DB-9 input connectors provide serial input data "loop thru" to additional GPT-50 units for titling other video sources with the same time and position information

  • Operates from an external power source of +9 to +14 volt DC. A wall mount 9 volt DC supply is provided

  • Desktop size 1.9"high, 5.3"long, 3.8"wide

Captioning Time Synchronized GPS Video During Post-processing

Using GPS1, GPS2 or GPS3

During video playback, time code is recovered from the recording by the GPS1, GPS2, or GPS3 and is available as a window display in the video and as a serial RS-232 data output.

When GPS data is recorded in the time code user bits (GPS2/GPS3 only), the original video recording can be completely free of any data overlay in the video image. The GPS data overlay can be later added to the playback image for viewing or recording in a post-processing operation.

Using the GPT-50 with GPS3

The GPS3 reconstructs a NMEA $GPGGA serial message from the user bit data read from tape on playback. The reconstructed $GPGGA can be used with the GPT-50 to add latitude/longitude position captions to the playback video.

The position captions are very simple to produce by this method but have a time delay which may be an important source of error. This is explained as follows. A position fix “P” occurs in real time at exactly the same moment image “I” is recorded. The serial NMEA message containing the fix position “P” sent to the GPS3 for conversion into SMPTE time code and recording along with the video, may be delayed from the moment of the fix by up to 0.75 seconds, depending on the GPS receiver.

On playback, the position data recorded in the time code is further delayed by reading and reconstructing the $GPGGA message and resending and receiving it at the GPT-50. Consequently, the GPT-50 position caption “P” may be delayed up to .5 seconds delayed from the actual image “I” corresponding to that position.

At the speed of 60 miles per hour, the image caption position (the point where the caption changes to the new position) will be displaced from the true position by 88 feet for each second of delay.

Using the GPT-50/SCT-50 Titlers with GPS2, 3

The GPS3 reconstructs a NMEA $GPGGA serial message from the user bit data read from tape on playback. The reconstructed $GPGGA can be used with the GPT-50 to add latitude/longitude position captions to the playback video.

The position captions are very simple to produce by this method but have a time delay of 1 second.

The position captions can be more correctly overlaid by a 2-step process using either the GPS2 or GPS3 and either the GPT-50 or the SCT-50 titlers. Contact HORITA for more information concerning this 2-step position titling process.

Custom GPS Systems

HORITA also designs and manufactures custom GPS/VIDEO acquisition systems, including cameras, recorders, GPS receiving, and software. Contact HORITA for more information.

Associated Equipment For GPS Position Systems


SCT-50    $389   
Serial Control Titler/Time Date Stamp

Stand Alone or Computer Controlled "Industrial" Character Generator
adds Titles, Time-Date, Automatic Time Synchronized Captions. More Info...


VG-50    $349   
VITC Generator/LTC-VITC Translator

Translates LTC time code into VITC time code. More Info...


VLT-50    $349   
VITC-LTC Translator

Translates VITC time code into LTC time code. More Info...


VLT-50PC    $489   
VITC-LTC Trans./RS-232 Output

Adds RS-232 serial port output to VLT-50 translator. More Info...


VWG-50    $389   
VITC Reader, Window Dub Inserter

Reads VITC time code from pause to 20x play speed. More Info


VWG-50PC    $529   
VITC Reader/RS-232 Output

Adds RS-232 serial port output to VWG-50 translator.More Info...

Power Solutions

BP-50    $59   
Battery Pack  More Info...

IPA-91    $33   

International Power Adapter More Info...

Cables & Accessories

CK1    $18.75   

RCA cable assortment  More Info...

AK1    $8.95   

RCA-BNC  More Info...

CK2    $16.75   

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AK2     $10.50   

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CK3    $14.00   

PS2 cable  More Info...

AK3    $3.00   

RCA "Y" adapter cables  More Info...

CK4    $16.00   

PS2 cable  More Info...

AK4    $3.75   

3.5mm "Y" Mini Phone Adapter Cable  More Info...

CK5    $16.00   

DB9 adapter cable  More Info...

CK6    $18.00   

DB9 adapter cable  More Info...


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